Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One of the Lucky Ones

Ah, the resilience of animals. Meet Haley, one of four dogs rescued last August from the now-infamous Gido Cave in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – a 30-ft pit carved out by Italian occupying forces in the 1930s and used in Ethiopia until last year as a dumping ground for unwanted dogs. Amazingly (and thanks to a few notably hard-working Ethiopian and American animal rescue and charitable groups, including Best Friends Animal Society in Utah), Haley found her way out of the pit and into the home of Best Friends staff photographer Sarah Ause, where she now lives happily, hiking through beautiful mountains and having a great time. Just look at her smile. You can read her whole story and enjoy Sarah's fantastic photography here.

Best Friends estimates that there are a staggering 750,000 dogs in Addis Ababa alone, the majority of which are uncared for, and of course, unspayed or unneutered. And I thought L.A. had a problem.

Read more about the dogs of Addis Ababa here.
Watch Haley's rescue from the Gido Cave here.

Homeless Animal Protection Society (HAPS), Ethiopia Amsale Gessess Memorial Foundation (which supports HAPS from the U.S.)

Sarah Ause's blog, Saussie

photos by Sarah Ause

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