Wednesday, December 03, 2008

For the Dog Who Has Everything

Geekery for dogs! I loved brain-teaser-type games when I was a kid (remember Merlin and Hi-Q?), and these wooden puzzles
kind of fit into that niche with a bit of food motivation thrown in.

The seven games pictured above are part of the Zoo Active Products series made in Sweden by a woman named Nina Ottosson; they are expensive, but very intriguing. Each involves a moving part that must be manipulated to get to a treat that is placed inside – some slide, others rotate – and they range in difficulty. I have a feeling that dogs that use their paws to get at things would have an advantage over the nose-y types, but maybe not. I haven't actually seen any of these in person, but I'm tempted to lay down the cash just to see if Arthur would rise to the challenge.

You can see the toys in action on the Zoo Active Products website. Here's a clip of the Dog Tornado, complete with groovy 70s soundtrack:

That is one smart pooch.

Games pictured at top (clockwise from top left): Smart, Tornado, Brick, Turbo, Spinny, Twister and Fighter

Zoo Active Products

Available online at Pawlickers

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