Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thanks, Santa!

Adoption bonanza! Los Angeles Animal Services announced Monday that a benefactor (who wishes to remain anonymous) has come forward in the spirit of giving and offered to pay for 300 animal adoptions from the six LAAS shelters from now until Christmas. Three hundred! The adoption fee for each animal covered by this generous offer includes vaccinations, spay/neuter costs, microchipping and the license fee (for dogs) for one year. Such a wonderful, beautiful gift.

The flip side to such generosity, of course, is that giving away animals increases their chances of ending up in less-than-humane situations (i.e., tied up outside, dogfighting). In a press release, LAAS general manager, Ed Boks, stated that the shelters "reserve the right to refuse an adoption where we believe the welfare of the animal is not improved by the adoption", and although I understand the fears he's trying to allay with that statement, I'm not quite sure how he thinks he's going to do that. I can't imagine the shelter saying no to anyone unless the person's stupid enough to declare an evil intention or blatantly act like a jackass. Additionally, the anonymous benefactor made a request that the adopter write a follow-up letter to LAAS after the adoption explaining how having the pet has "changed their lives." That ought to keep the dogfighters away!

I hope I'm overreacting. I hope these free adoptions turn out all warm and fuzzy. I really, really do.

L.A. Animal Services

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