Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For Terrah and Millie

One of the hardest, most heartbreaking things in the world is watching your animal's health decline – different than watching a person get sick because animals are so long-suffering, so eager to please, so uncomprehending of the reasons they feel the way they do. And the fact that, as THE MASTER and THE PACK LEADER, you can't reward them for their stoicism like you would reward for obedience – take away their illness because You're such a good dog! – is almost too much to bear.

But you make them comfortable, and you try not to beat yourself up over the "right way" versus the "wrong way" to care for them because in the end, they know you're doing all you can. You know they know. And you have to trust in that.

Hang in there, Terrah!

Mutt Scouts photo


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

Millie passed away today. The heartbreak unbearable.

dogsitter said...

Rest in peace, sweet Millie.