Saturday, May 09, 2009

It's There Somewhere

I've never had a problem with picking up Arthur's poop – it's like changing a baby's diaper: you just do it. Unfortunately, he seems to have recently developed a predilection for pooping in tall grasses, which makes the pick-up a bit tricky and more than a little annoying. He's totally doing it on purpose.

He waits until we get to a house that doesn't mow their lawn, then nestles his fluffy bum into the weeds and goes to town. Add to this the fact that some of the streets in the neighborhood aren't lit at night, and you have me crawling around in the dark after he's dropped his bombs, my face mere inches away from what I would prefer to have at arms length.

Of course, there's no chance of convincing him to poop on a MOWED lawn under a STREET LIGHT like the one in the picture above. That would be way too easy.

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