Monday, May 11, 2009

Today's Rescue - Tucker

Meet Tucker – a very mellow, very sweet, three-year-old, ginger-colored pit bull currently at the West L.A. shelter. I met him Saturday night at Giant Robot's art show/dog adoption and fell in love. What a nice boy.

Tucker was perfectly behaved and content to hang out on the sidewalk outside the store with art-show patrons (adults AND children) coming and going, and the other West L.A. dogs on leashes milling around. Lots of people stopped to pet him and there was also a fair amount of street traffic on Sawtelle, but this guy was as calm as could be. I suspect he was more interested in the volunteers' treat pouches than my obsessive fawning, but I can hardly blame him for that.

And did I mention that he has one ear that stands up?

Good lord, this boy deserves a home. Check out Tucker (and all the other great dogs) at the West L.A. shelter today!

Male pit bull terrier (mix, maybe?)
3 years old
ID#: A1008350
West L.A. shelter

Google map

For more information, call the West L.A. shelter at 310.207.3156 or go to the L.A. Animal Services website at


debfan said...

Thanks for featuring Tucker! He's a love. Here's a video of him meeting some other dogs.

dogsitter said...

I couldn't access that link, but found this one:

Man, he is dreamy. I love how the female in the video is jumping all around, and he is unfazed. Zen, almost. What a great dog.

debfan said...

He IS zen!!