Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Southeast Asian Special, Part I - Cambodia

Banteay Kdei temple

No dogs in the temples of Angkor! Well, that's what the sign says, but I defy you to find a single dog owner in Cambodia who would bring their pet to the temples. They don't even have collars! (Or leashes.) Dogs run free in Southeast Asia, and apparently, they can also read signs.

on the scaffolding at Angkor Wat

Or not.

Of the dozens and dozens of dogs I saw in and around Siem Reap, 99 percent of them looked like shepherd/jindo mutts with stand-up, pointy ears; short hair and curly tails. Literally the same dog over and over, but in different colors.

Pretty happy dogs, too, although all very skinny.

And maybe just a little bit sacred.

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