Friday, July 03, 2009

Southeast Asian Special, Part IV - The Last One, I Swear

Of course, I had my favorites. How could I not have favorites? Like the black-and-white spaniel-y boy who belonged to one of the men running a Si Phan Don ferry in the south, or Whisky the black lab in Tat Lo whose best friend was a rescued river otter. (Yes, an otter.) All the dogs I met were nice, but these were extra special.

ferry dogs

I met this sweet guy in a riverside restaurant on Don Det island. He was very sad and wouldn't eat the tiny barbequed frog I gave him. Maybe he was hoping for some sticky rice.

The leggiest puppy in all of Southeast Asia.

More restaurant dogs. The one on the left sat under my chair while I ate.

And then there was Whisky, the mascot of Tadlo Lodge in the Salavan Province, and the only labrador I saw in all of Laos. A sweet, sweet dog with an unconventional playmate:

(sorry this video is so crappy)


Luisa said...

Thank you for these awesome photos! I've loved them, and honestly, I think the dogs look great: not skinny at all, but fit and healthy.

I would have smuggled that otter home somehow ;~) And only my pesky mantra ["must get dogs from local pound"] would have kept me from bringing home a puppy. Silly mantra. Thanks again for these posts.

dogsitter said...

Thanks, Luisa!

You can't imagine the force of will it took not to swipe the otter. That much adorableness up close is like a drug: intoxicating.