Sunday, September 27, 2009

Circle of Friends - Ignacio

Arthur is very fickle about who his friends are. VERY fickle. When a new person comes to the house, most times he just runs away or stands at a distance, wagging but cautious. Even with people he knows, he will often duck their hands and run for the dining room table.

However, there are a few people — lucky or unlucky depending on how they feel about dogs — with whom he turns into a big, slobbery whore. Grins like an idiot and gazes at them adoringly. Can't leave them alone. I've only seen it happen a few times, and it's kind of embarassing in a don't-mind-him sort of way, but also mystifying. Why that particular person? You can never tell who it's going to be.

Well, my mom and her good friend Ignacio came to the house yesterday, and the game was ON. Arthur loved loved loved Ignacio, who, yes, is a dog lover; and yes, probably smells like his own dog, but good lord. Arthur sat at Ignacio's feet all through lunch, and not because he had cheese on his plate. I was sitting right next door with a big wad of cheese and I didn't get as much as a glance. We were lucky Ignacio doesn't mind having a fuzzy muzzle in his lap while he's eating.

All those years of cotillion down the tubes.

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