Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dogs On the Brain, Tokyo-style

You know you're in Japan when you can buy a kimono and a geisha wig for your dog in the local pet boutique. Wow.

Chris and I were in Japan for 10 days over Thanksgiving, and we stumbled on this crazy shop in the Asakusa neighborhood of Tokyo, a block away from our hotel and down the street from a very old, revered temple. I was keen to buy the wig for Arthur (he'd make such an elegant courtesan), but there were only small sizes available, and Chris gave me his don't-do-it look where he stares at the ground and shakes his head disparagingly. (He's Arthur's advocate for dignity.) So, no geisha.

shop for your dog,

then go pray in the temple


I actually expected to see many stores in Tokyo like this one, stuffed to excess with wild and crazy things, but there were surprisingly few. Maybe I wasn't shopping in the right neighborhoods. I did like the selection of treats at the gigantic Tokyu Hands store in Shibuya, which is kind of like a Japanese version of Target multiplied by ten.

Great packaging, but what do the labels say? I have no idea.

If I didn't know better, I'd have eaten (almost) all of that stuff. There was even a tiny Belgian waffle! I ended up bringing Arthur home a bag of crunchy vanilla balls – a dog version of the snack I used to eat as a kid.


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