Saturday, April 29, 2006

Things to Chomp

As any discerning dog owner knows, a good toy is hard to find. I refuse to buy Arthur something that is a) badly designed; b) poorly constructed; or c) just plain lame. Not that he cares, really. If it has a squeaker, he's usually happy. Of course, if a toy makes me laugh, it trumps all rules.
Toys on current rotation: puffy Dolphin from the excellent Vancouver Aquarium; jack-like ball with nubs that my boyfriend calls 'the carbon molecule'; and weird sheep/vulture thing whose squeaker makes a sound like a cow in distress.


the clam said...

I think the grey toy is a goat, although it lacks horns. Let's just call it "smelly."

The Clam said...

The unidentified grey fleece leg from the great toy cleanup must have come from that sheep. Mystery solved!