Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Postcard From Hawaii - Fish and Foodstuff

Dear Arthur -
Day Two in Hawaii. I saw a whole case of Spam musubi at Daiai (which is like Japanese Wal-Mart but with more human rights) and thought of you. I wonder if you'd like it? It's like those nasty pig ears and snouts but compressed into a handy sliceable loaf! Actually, forget it. They were all out of the organic, non-GMO Spam. Ha!

I also saw some big koi in the canal-like tanks at Ala Moana mall. Have you ever seen a koi? They're brightly colored and patterned and about the size of your head (or bigger). Maybe it was a good thing you weren't there because you probably would've leaned too far over the side and fallen in. Then they all would've swam over and nibbled at your ears. Man, that would've really freaked you out.

Anyway, how's it going at the house? You're probably really bored. Could you try not to shed so much and pick the burrs out of your tail while I'm gone? That'd be great.

The dogsitter

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