Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sandra and Scott, Gods of Donation

Nice stack! Here, Arthur shows off the first batch of donated blankets to be taken to L.A. Animal Services shelters this week. Thanks to the incredible generosity of Sandra (mother of Toby, Pooka and Tayto) at Sony, and Scott (father of Koda) at DD, we have a load of new, soft, fleecy goodness to take to the dogs in West L.A. and North Central. Think how warm they're going to be!

I'll take fleece over concrete any day.

note: If you want to donate blankets (or towels) to our holiday drive, they do not have to be new. Sandra and Scott set the bar pretty high, but we'll take anything! I've been patching old comforters and stitching up towels to donate as well.

Today's Arthur Holiday Blanket Drive

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