Friday, January 19, 2007

Because It's the Right Thing To Do

I don't know if this poster is an actual Shep Fairey creation (of "Obey," Studio Number One and Swindle fame) or just a good copy, but it is awesome just the same. It's part of an ad campaign for the Sam Simon Foundation's free spay/neuter program for low-income families throughout Los Angeles. The foundation's mobile clinic (i.e. vets in a van) also offers free vaccinations, flea control, deworming, nail trims, antibiotics and blood testing, and parks in places like the 3rd Street Ralphs in Los Feliz, Food 4 Less in Highland Park, Super A Foods in Boyle Heights, and the South L.A. animal shelter.

Why neuter your dog? Here are some good reasons:

A neutered dog is:
  • Less Likely to roam looking for a mate and get lost or injured
  • Less likely to bite a child
  • More likely to have a long and healthy life
  • Easier and gentler to train
  • Not going to mount children or other pets
  • Less likely to "mark" their territory with urine
  • Not going to produce puppies that add to the millions of unwanted pets already looking for homes

What better reasons could there be?

To make an appointment, call 888.DOG.SPAY (888.364.7729). Every dog owner also receives complete post-operative instructions on how to care for their pet, which includes a 24-hour emergency phone number.

For more information and the mobile clinic schedule, go to

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