Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Today's Rescue - Teddy Update 2

This afternoon, I went back to North Central one more time to see if I could get Teddy to interact with me after last Friday's disappointment, and with the help of a very nice Animal Technician who seemed genuinely interested in helping him (and me!), Teddy reverted back to his old sweet self, bouncing around, wanting his belly rubbed, eagerly accepting biscuits from my hands. It was so good to see.

So I'm pulling him out of there on Thursday, and will board him at a veterinary clinic (thank you Kari Whitman of Ace of Hearts rescue!) for a short time while other arrangements can be made. I'll be walking him every day, hopefully getting him to interact with other dogs and more people, and starting his training. I'm very hopeful that he will make a fine adoption candidate.

Hooray Teddy!

For more information on Teddy, or to donate to his sponsor fund, contact me at todaysarthur@gmail.com

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