Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tomorrow's Rescue - Teddy

So, I'm all ready to go pick up my big American Staffordshire boy at North Central tomorrow morning - I bought him a nice new red collar with a temporary tag and a matching lead. There's also a bag of biscuits for his week at the vet where he'll be boarding to make sure he's healthy, and a big rope toy that I took from Arthur's stash. I feel like a mother.

I've never actually pulled a dog from a shelter before (Arthur came from a rescue-group adoption event), and I have to say, I'm a little nervous. Teddy is no small guy. But Samantha, my manager at George and a rescue group veteran, told me how to secure him in the car, and gave me all sorts of helpful advice. Thank you, Samantha!

By tomorrow afternoon, Teddy will finally be off the "at risk" list and on to a new life.

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Mean Eyed Cat said...

congratulations on your first rescue!! I am sure he will look smashing his new red collar.