Sunday, January 21, 2007

Today's Weekend Rescue - 2 Shepherds, a Terrier and a Saint Bernard

I didn't take many pictures on Friday's trip to North Central because I was so upset over Teddy, but I did get a few. Of six dogs, actually, two of whom have gotten adopted since then! But these other guys are definitely worth a look:

I first saw Nero almost a month ago, and he has grown a lot since then. Of all the dogs I interacted with, he was the sweetest, most puppy-like. He does that whole-body wag when you kneel down to pet him. I think he hasn't been adopted yet because he's over 80 pounds and is still growing. Look at that giant paw! But he does have a medical notation on his card with no explanation. Could he be sick? Save Nero!

I've never seen a Saint Bernard at a shelter - certainly not a stray who is as beautiful and friendly. Maybe she is an escapee? I hope some big-dog lover with room for her to play will take her home.

NORTH CENTRAL ANIMAL SHELTER (in Lincoln Heights off the 110 freeway)
3201 Lacy Street
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Call L.A. Animal Services at 888.452.7381 to adopt a dog or go to for more information.

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