Monday, February 19, 2007

A**holery Update

In response to yesterday's post about Camarillo's boneheaded fireworks planning, the very nice Marie Bennett informed me that the Camarillo City Council unanimously voted to fund this year's display only if it was moved to another location. Hooray! It only took them 20 years to change their mind. A few council members, however, were not pleased by the involvement of non-residents who dared to get involved in city affairs. (Imagine the audacity!) One member remarked at last Wednesday's meeting: "We don't care what those national groups think [the ASPCA and the Humane Society], and that petition doesn't matter either. If I saw names from outside the city, ... I just cross them off. They don't count." Nice. As Ms. Bennett points out, they sure don't mind those same outsiders when they're shopping at the Camarillo Outlet Center.

At any rate, let's hope they find a spot as far away from the shelter as possible. And next time, think twice about going to that discount mall.

Thanks, Marie!

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