Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Today's Rescue - Denny

I see a lot of Boston terriers and French bulldogs at the store where I work part time - the black-and-white coloring is very popular, I think. Little Denny here is an American staffordshire mix, but he looks like a Boston terrier and is so cute I just want to take a bite out of him. Here's what his rescuer (a woman who works at the South L.A. shelter) had to say about him:

My car is in the shop, and I had to walk from Venice and Crenshaw to the shelter. As I was crossing the 10 overpass, this dog passed me. He looked lost, trying to get his bearings, but I called to him and he came to me. It looks like he belonged to a homeless person - he was wearing a "harness" made from a belt with a broken chain leash attached. I was afraid he would get by a car, so I walked him from the overpass to the South L.A. shelter.

He walked with me very nicely. We passed many pedestrians of every age, shape and color: a lady who shrieked, "I'm afraid of dogs!"; a schoolyard of screaming kids; and a man who stomped his feet and yelled "BOO!" Then we came to some sprinklers that were watering the lawn and sidewalk - he balked a bit, but then walked with me through the spray. Not a single growl, bark, snap or lunge at anything!

He bears the classic Boston terrier markings, so I named him Denny Crane...well, really just Denny.

Since he's been at the shelter, Denny has proved to be a very affectionate, sweet dog. He has no problem with other dogs and has no food aggression. He also let a shelter worker cut his nails and use a dryer on him without making a fuss. Such a good boy.

But Denny is now at risk and developing kennel cough, so he needs to get out of the shelter ASAP. He's only a puppy and has a chance at a full, happy life. He needs another rescuer!

American staffordshire mix
10 months old
ID#: A853768
South L.A. shelter

To rescue Denny, call L.A. Animal Services at 888.452.7381 or go to www.laanimalservices.com for more information.

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