Friday, February 02, 2007

Today's Teddy

I'm very sad to report that the rescue group I'd hoped would pull Teddy from the shelter today has decided they can't take him. It was a really hard decision to make, and everyone is feeling bad all around. I don't blame them, really - Teddy is not the kind of dog that you see at mobile dog adoptions because he is very energetic; has unknown tendencies around children and other animals; and needs socialization training. But it's still hard.

I'm still hopeful that Nikki and I will be able to canvas the community boards and find a good potential adopter, but it's really going to take a special person - one who connects with Teddy and has the patience and time to get him on track - to make this adoption work, and we don't have much time.

But I'm sure that owner is out there somewhere!

Teddy the 3-year-old Staffordshire/Boxer
ID#: A841489
North Central shelter

To help Teddy, contact me at or

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