Monday, March 19, 2007

Thinking Man's Dog

Sometimes during the day I'll look at Arthur, and he'll be staring off into space. Not looking at anything in particular, but not with his I'm-about-to-take-a-nap face, either. He really looks like he's lost in thought and I find it very human-like.

Which, as Cesar Millan will tell you, is not what's really happening. He's not pondering why he doesn't get more treats, or why it's not okay to dig holes in the backyard, or why I buy him boy-colored T-shirts when clearly, he's more of a spring pastels kind of dog. Conventional wisdom says, he's an animal and is motivated by instinct and impulse, not emotion or thoughtfulness.

Still. When he puts that face on, it's hard not to believe the wheels aren't turning inside his little doggie brain. He's thinking about dinner, I just know he is.

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