Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nerves Be Gone

Arthur, as is probably evident by now, isn't a big fan of loud noises. Thunder, fireworks, me spilling the contents of my purse all over the floor, really freak him out. Today, the wind was barreling through the neighborhood making all kinds of weird noises, and Arthur was not happy. He started creeping around the house crouched down low like he was being stalked by the devil.

My technique in dealing with his minor freak-outs is to confront them head on - if it's pouring, we run around in the rain; and if it's blustery, we go for a walk. Works every time.

Suddenly his ears were up, and he was leading the way like he was freakin Lassie. We even passed a huge branch blocking the sidewalk, its severed joint looking like the end of a giant femur, and Arthur marched right through it like the bravest dog in all the land. Not scared at all.

What a show-off.

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