Thursday, April 12, 2007

Today's Rescue - Sadie

I hear about people keeping their dogs outside 24 hours a day, and I want to drive my Honda Civic straight through their kitchen windows. (Not that my piece-of-tin car could penetrate a wall, but that's beside the point.)

This poor girl, a golden retriever/Australian shepherd, is 12 years old and has been living outdoors her whole life. Maybe her owners were thinking, Well, she's a dog - she's meant to be outside, or If she's outside she can't shed on the furniture, or maybe they just weren't thinking at all. At any rate, these people are now getting a divorce, and Sadie is destined for even less comfort in her old age if she doesn't find a rescuer ASAP because they're giving her up to the pound.

Poor Sadie. What did she do to deserve this? If she was chewing up her paw shut up in a backyard (which she was evidently doing), there's no telling what she'll do locked up in a concrete cage.

Give the poor girl a break. She needs some serious nurturing.

For more information, please contact Vanie (not one of the owners) at 323.819.1725. Sadie will be taken to the shelter on Saturday!

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