Friday, April 13, 2007

Today's Rescue - Part II

It was a hot, listless, post-Vonnegut day at the West L.A. shelter this afternoon. The dogs were tired, although Sasha (above), roused himself to give me a big smile before laying back down. I don't know if he does that out of nervousness, but it's very, very cute. Here were some of the others:

Howard is a breathtaking dog, and I don't use that Hallmark word lightly. He's listed as a stray, but his coat is so beautiful and so immaculate, he must have had an owner. Wow.

Poor sweet Haley has some medical issues going on, and she is clearly miserable. She can barely open her eyes, she's really skinny, and her skin doesn't look good. All this after her picture on the LAAS web site is so smiling and happy! She was still sweet and waggy, but really needs to get out of that cage. She's dying in there.

Bambi reminds me of my grade-school best friend's chihuahua, Pedro: non-skittish and friendly.

Red's beloved kennel mate. Freddy was TI-RED, but happy to be out in the sun.

Fritzie is an apartment-sized shepherd - she's pretty tiny, and also very pristine and lady-like.

RED (formerly Ross, above)
Labrador retriever/pit bull
1 year old
ID#: A858140

SASHA (top photo)
Labrador retriever
10 years old
ID#: A861700

West L.A. Animal Shelter
11950 Missouri Ave. (at Bundy Dr.)

Los Angeles, CA 90025

For more information, go to

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