Friday, May 04, 2007

Book List

Hail to Charles S. Anderson and Michael J. Nelson! The A-list graphic designer and Mystery Science Theater 3000 writer, respectively, have created one of the funniest dog books I've ever encountered and only recently discovered, and am now poring over and laughing at like I'm always reading it for the first time. It's called Fluffy Humpy Poopy Puppy, and it gives me side cramps. I'm a sucker, it's true, but it really is funny.

I was tempted to scan whole sections to share on Today's Arthur, but really, you have to hold the thing in your hands and experience it in its technicolor entirety. Savor its irony and full-color graphics. I'll just share this blurb from the back cover:
Fluffy Humpy Poopy Puppy celebrates the lovable, huggable dog - and his not-so-lovable slobber, incessant barking, unhygienic bathroom habits, and occasional bloody attacks on mail carriers. You'll laugh in recognition at these delightfully detailed illustrations of dogs doing what they do best - chewing up your shoes, eating pigs' ears, and, yes, pooping. Lots and lots of pooping.
Buy a copy and enjoy.

Fluffy Humpy Poopy Puppy

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