Friday, May 11, 2007

Today's Rescue - Cookie

I got an email from Nikki Audet of the Mutt Scouts last night - she has been championing a small chow chow mix named Cookie who has been languishing at the North Central shelter since January. Poor Cookie! She has a serious eye condition that looks like it might be some kind of glaucoma - a very painful situation for dogs and humans - and is a very frightened little girl. Who wouldn't be?

Cookie is 8 years old, walks well on leash, seems unaffected by other dogs and shows signs of housetraining - she would be a perfect candidate for someone looking for an older, mellow dog who just needs love and nurturing (and maybe some time on the grass) to be happy. I suspect people look at scared, little Cookie and see her enlarged, scary-looking eye and can't see past it. The thing is, Cookie can't see past it either. All she knows is that she's in a cage, in pain, and getting the increasing feeling that her time is up. Because she knows - you know she knows.

If you can foster or donate towards Cookie's rescue, contact Nikki at (There is also $100 available to qualified 501(c)(3) rescues that will go towards Cookie's expenses.)

Save the little chow!

Spayed female chow chow mix
8 years old
ID#: A513813

North Central Shelter
3201 Lacy St.

Los Angeles, CA 90031

For more information, call 213.485.5767 or 888.452.7381 or go to

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