Friday, May 11, 2007

Doggie B-day

My friend Amanda's dog, Scout, had his 2nd birthday a few weeks ago. He had a gathering at the dog park, and of course, a doggie birthday cake. I say of course because there seems to be a plethora of such cakes popping up all over, and they're not yesterday's biscuit with a candle. You've never seen such fancy treats for dogs.

Scout's cake came from the ever-popular Three Dog Bakery, which makes things that any self-respecting adult could feasibly eat, but I started surfing around and found a bakery in Westchester, New York that makes cakes straight out of an elementary-school glycemic breakdown. They're fantastical! Plus, they're made of meat (your choice: lamb, chicken, turkey, white fish or duck) and laced with a cream-cheese frosting. MMMM-mmm. Cream-cheesy meat.

Anyway, I hear that Scout loved his peanut butter special, even if it didn't have plastic dogs marching all over the top of it. Fun was had by all.

Happy birthday, Scout!

meat cakes from Cleo's Barkery

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