Monday, July 09, 2007

Today's Emergency Rescue - Xena/Sandra

Xena (Xena?), formerly known as Sandra, is a shelter favorite at the South L.A. shelter, but even though she's perfectly behaved at mobile adoptions, she still hasn't been adopted and is now scheduled to be euthanized on Thursday or Friday of this week.

Here's what a shelter volunteer had to say about her:
This dog is the sweetest, most loving girl - she just wants to be close to you. She sits, gives her paw, is so smart and eager to please. When we first got her out of her cage to walk her, she pulled at first but quickly realized what we wanted her to do and began walking calmly next to us. This is a great dog.

She's a diamond in the body of a brown, two-year-old hound/husky mix (that's our best guess since she has the husky-mask marking). She's "just another brown dog" until you look into her eyes and see the warm intelligence and desire to understand what you want of her. She wants to please and looks so happy when she's praised for being a good girl.

She was gold at the mobile adoption - terrific with everyone - but still did not get adopted. So now she has until Thursday.

This is the BEST dog - please don't let her beautiful spirit die this week.
How do the sweet, well-behaved dogs end up in this situation? It's baffling and so frustrating. Xena/Sandra would be so great in an active household where she could play with kids and get a lot of exercise.

Adopt her TODAY!

ID#: A870422
South L.A. shelter

3612 11th Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90018


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