Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Today's Rescue - Chicago Animal Care and Control

I'm going to be spending just over 24 hours in Chicago this weekend, and so naturally, after booking my hotel and finding some good places to eat, I looked up the local animal shelter. Just like any respectably obsessed person would do.

What I found was Chicago Animal Care and Control, the municipal shelter, and although I know Chicago is a small city compared to L.A. (about 3 million people compared to L.A.'s 10), and their homeless animal problem is therefore also much smaller, judging from their Web pages, it would seem to be no problem at all.

Which, I'm pretty sure, is not really the case.

But look at some of the pictures of their dogs!

3-year-old labrador retriever/shepherd

3-5-year-old shorthaired pointer

cattle dog mix

7-year-old labrador retriever mix

7-month-old shepherd

5-month-old shetland sheepdog mix

2-year-old rottweiler/shepherd

6-year-old samoyed

2-year-old shepherd

10-month-old rat terrier/Jack Russell terrier

dogs at top:
9-month-old chihuahua mix

7-month-old cattle dog mix

What municipal shelter has the time and/or the resources to take studio portraits of their dogs? The other weird thing is, on Chicago Animal Care and Control's Petfinder page, there are only 22 dogs listed, none of which have impound numbers. Where are all the others?

If they all look like these few, though, they should have no problem getting adopted.

Chicago Animal Care and Control

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