Saturday, August 11, 2007

Today's Cat

I normally wouldn't post about a cat, but this grey boy followed my cousin and his girlfriend home this week, and now they're trying to find him a home. He seems really cute and nice. They've named him Thackery Binx after the cat in Kurt Vonnegut's Hocus Pocus.
We were walking back to our apartment after dinner Monday night, and he came trotting toward us looking for a few scratches behind the ears. We obliged, and he proceeded to follow us the rest of the way home. He was so friendly and unafraid of people, we thought he must be someone's pet; we took him in and put up "CAT FOUND" posters in the neighborhood. At one point, we also tried to take him to the vet to check for a chip, but he got nervous and had an accident in the car, and I had to take him back home to give him a bath. Amazingly, he didn't bite or scratch.

We've received a couple of calls and found out that Binx, as we call him, is a stray famous for following people home, but despite his personable nature hasn't been able to find a permanent home as many apartments in the area don't allow pets. We live in such an apartment. However, we've paid to have him neutered which we hope will make him more adoptable. He's such a sweet and friendly little guy.
My cousin and his girlfriend are real animal lovers, and they're doing such a great job with Binx. My initial hope was that their landlord could be cajoled into allowing the cat to stay, but you know how landlords can be. They can't keep him in their apartment for much longer, and obviously don't want to take him to the shelter.

If you think you might be interested in taking in Binx, contact Jason at or call 808.772.1096 (he lives in Los Angeles).

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