Friday, August 10, 2007

Today's Rescue - Ben

Remember Ben? The sweet, sad staffie at South L.A. who'd been brought in by animal control after he'd been attacked by a pack of dogs on the street? Ben was rescued by It's the Pits a month ago. Here's an update via Judy Tyler, one of his sponsors:
Gentle Ben has been boarding at the San Marcos Kennels in San Marcos. Beth Gruff, the founder of It's the Pits has done an extensive evaluation and found him to be very sweet and loving with people; however, he's shown some fearful lunging behavior toward other dogs. Because of this, she has decided not to try to place him until he has undergone rehabilitative socialization training, which she has arranged for.

Ben will be going to Blue Dog Ranch in Burbank, where an excellent trainer (his name is David) will commit to a 3-week training program, which he will video. David said that Ben can come to Blue Dog Ranch immediately, and can stay there until he starts the training in 10 days. After he completes the training program, Beth will allow him back to It's the Pits where she will try to place him.

This is really a terrific opportunity for Ben because Beth Gruff usually will not place a dog if it has issues with other dogs, and we are very fortunate to have found an excellent training facility that has the space to take him. The price of the training is $1450 for three weeks, so we are now actively seeking additional sponsors. Since he has proven to be a very sweet dog with people, everyone is committed to helping Ben with his rehab training so that he can eventually be placed in a loving home. He has really won the hearts of all who interact with him.
Sweet, sweet Ben! I'm sure I'd be afraid of other dogs, too, if I'd been attacked by a pack of them.

If you can donate to Ben's training, contact Judy Tyler at or send a check directly to The Nature Network, the organization that is coordinating donations to Ben's fund at It's the Pits.

The Nature Network
P.O. Box 66790
Los Angeles, CA 90066

It's so nice when dogs like Ben get a second chance!

It's the Pits
The Nature Network

Ben after he was pulled from the South L.A. shelter in July.

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