Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Today's Rescue - Ricky

While I was visiting Rufus at the Much Love adoption on Sunday, I also got to meet Ricky - a gray-blue terrier mix who was being "courtesy shown," as they say, by an individual rescuer named Richelle (the same woman who rallied for Clark, the 12-year-old chow/shepherd at North Central, in January). I'm a sucker for terrier mutts, especially the bigger ones, and Ricky was very, very cute. Disney-ish, even.

Richelle pulled him from the South L.A. shelter six weeks ago, has been boarding him in her own home, and brings him to the Much Love events on the weekends. She told me that Ricky is two to three years old, that he gets along great with other dogs at the dog park, but is a little shy and has a few leash issues. Don't we all. But while I was there on Sunday, she got some tips from trainer Linn Boyke (Caesar Millan protege and owner of Zen4K9s), and Ricky was learning fast.

He's going to make some future dog owner very happy.

For more information about Ricky, email Richelle at rdevinny@mac.com

photos by Chris

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