Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Today's Rescue - Rufus

Look at this cute guy! Rufus is currently being fostered by some kind people, but he needs to find a home. He was picked up off the street, but clearly wants to be with people.

Here's his story via his rescuer, Jessica:
I found Rufus while visiting my parents in California - he was running the streets with a German shepherd on July 29. The shepherd had tags, but Rufus didn't; my intention was to call the shepherd's owner, but I didn't know what I was going to do with Rufus. (I was catching a flight to New York to go home in three hours.) I opened the door to get the shepherd in the car and Rufus weaseled his way in. He was so excited, I didn't have the heart to take him out.

When I came home with Rufus, my father insisted on letting him go because he and my mother couldn't keep him, and after a while, I gave in and Rufus was taken off leash. He wouldn't leave so my father walked around the block with him, and he disappeared.

I was so guilt-ridden, I decided to look for him about an hour later.

When I got near the car, I heard a thumping sound - it was Rufus' tail hitting the back seat. He was in the car! He'd found his way back and jumped in through an open window. When he saw me, he jumped back out. He was so excited to see me. At this point, I wasn't letting him get away again. We set him up at my parents' house in a small area where he was sheltered from the sun, but not the ideal area for a large dog. As you can see from the photos, he's very thin, has a skin condition on his ears and tail, and his neck has very little hair on it - I imagine from being tied up at his previous "home."

He has been an absolute sweetie to everyone, even children. He's fine with my parents' dogs, but doesn't seem too fond of cats. The vet thinks he's 5-6 years old; he's also 44 lbs., male and unaltered (as of right now). He likes toys, hardly barks, and just seems content to be safe.

My mother, however, recently had a heart procedure, and Rufus is too much for her to handle. I'm hoping to find him a home as he won't stand a chance at the shelter. He's not the most attractive dog right now, but with some love and attention he will be a beautiful, healthy-looking guy.
Rufus needs a home!

For more information, contact Jessica at 646.509.9141 (cell) or 212.209.8367 (work), or email her at jessica.parents@jcrew.com


Anonymous said...

Gavin (hearts) Rufus

dogsitter said...

Does Gavin WANT Rufus?

Aharon Charnov said...

I just want you to know that my wife and I adopted Rufus in February. He now weighs about 60 Lbs. His tail and Neck were fine by the time we first met him. He's happy, he's healthy and we love him. He's the best dog ever. Don't worry, he's doing well. He's safe and loved. And he loves us! So it's all good.

dogsitter said...

Thank you, Aharon, for taking the time to update me on Rufus – I have to say he was one of my favorites, and now, clearly, one of the luckiest. I just wish there were more adopters out there like you and your wife!

At any rate, all the best, thanks again and a big hug to the boy.

Aharon Charnov said...

Hey dog sitter... I just stumbled across your blog again a few years later. Sad to say this past January Rufus passed away. It rained for like a week in LA. During that time Rufus seemed to be breathing pretty heavily so I naturally took him to the vet. The x-rays showed a pretty developed level of Cancer. It had already spread far. We didn't know until it was too late. Rufus never complained. He was such a good dog. My wife and I started him on Chemo but about two weeks after the initial diagnosis we had to put him down. He'd lived with us just under 3 years and there's still a giant Rufus shaped hole in our hearts. We did our best for him, but in the end all we could do was try and make him comfortable. It's terrible to lose a friend like Rufus but I thought you should know that we were so lucky he chose us (he did... when we first met he put his paw in my hand and that's when I knew he decided I was HIS person). Everyone who met Rufus was captivated by him. He was funny, eternally hopeful (mostly about who would give him scraps of Turkey and deli--I always did), and a really great dog. We think he was about 9-10 which isn't all that old even for a dog his size and we really miss him, as does everyone who knew him. Thanks for saving our dog. Had it not been for you we never would have met him. he was the best and we miss him everyday.