Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Today's Rescue - Little Jindo

The plight of the plain, brown dog.

This was posted yesterday by a longtime volunteers who networks dogs at North Central:
"When I went to take photos at the shelter, one of the workers said to me, 'There is this sweet dog that we all love - do you think you could help her get out? She doesn't stand a chance.'

He led me to a cage with two beautiful jindos who had been picked up as strays. The fly strikes on their ears meant they had probably been tied up outside, neglected and sad. The shelter worker told me that the smaller one was being bullied; she was so sweet and shy and scared.

When we took her out of her cage, she was so pretty, like a little fox with beautiful almond-shaped eyes. She is obviously very stressed at the shelter and not eating well - when I offered her a chicken treat that almost no dog can resist, she smelled it, but was too stressed to take it. She kissed the shelter worker on the cheeks several times, though. She's about 2 years old; sweet, submissive, and affectionate. She's getting very skinny and needs to get out now.
Such a nice girl. Rescue her today!

2 years old
ID#: A839198
North Central shelter

3201 Lacy St.
Los Angeles, CA 90031

213.485.5767 (direct line)

Google map

For more information, go to the L.A. Animal Services Web site at www.laanimalservices.com


Jodi said...

Hi, can you tell me more about this dog? I think she's my baby!!! I was quite shocked to see her staring back at me while looking up dog breeds to try and determine what kind she was... if it's not her, there is a shocking resemblance.

Was her shelter name "Jodie" or "Sadie"?

jodi m.

Jodi said...

OK i have verified: this is my dog!! she even has the scar on her front leg above the elbow!!!


do you know anything about her history?? I've been dying to know. I adopted her about 6 months ago from a local rescue group, i had no idea she'd been in "shelter circulation" for that long.

I have pictures I can send you (but I can't seem to find an email address)? She is doing GREAT (a few minor health and anxiety issues here and there, but overall great) and she is the absolute love of my life!!

Let me know if you would like to see pics of her in her permanent home :) i have TONS!!

jodi m.

Jodi said...

Oh, by the way, I call her my little chickiehead because she is now obsessed with chicken jerky treats!! (known as "chickies", which it looks like she was too nervous to take before. knowing her, i can totally picture that, she can be an anxious little girl).

I'm sorry I'm spamming you but I'm just so excited! Since you are interested in the rescuing I thought you might be interested in a happy ending tale :)

Also, she's a total escape artist, she will bolt like a madpuppy. She did it to me once and the dogwalker once, but only once! when you have to run after her that fast, you never let her get away again! she loves her walks, and she adores going after squirrels. I have two pet bunnies that she loves (they don't play together, but she loves sniffing them thru their cage). she loves rubbing her whole face/body in the grass, can never pass up the opportunity!! it's so funny to watch.

she's an indoor doggie now that gets plenty of jogs and walks and OWNS the couch and bed.

i am so glad i found her! i hope you are as pleased with the outcome as we are :)

Oh, and she's anything but a plain brown dog... she's my beautiful coyote-dingo-chickiehead!!! Beautiful!!!

jodi m.

dogsitter said...

That's such great news, Jodi! I never find out what happens to a lot of the dogs that I post here, so it's always so nice when I get a heads up.

I don't remember much more about your little girl besides what the shelter tech said about her, but it sounds like you're pretty sure. I would love to see more pictures of her! You can send them to todaysarthur@gmail.com.

And thanks for the update!

dogsitter said...
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s'il vous plait said...

Please help me connect with Jodi M! I have Jody/Sadie's brother, Cody. We want to find his sister!

dogsitter said...

S'il vous plait, I don't have any contact info for Jodi, so unfortunately, I wouldn't know how to reach her.

Jodi Giese said...

I'm here! I guess I followed this thread years ago :) how do you know it's Jasmine's sister???

-- jodi

s'il vous plait said...