Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Today's Rescue - Beth Gruff and It's the Pits

I've never met Beth Gruff, but I think I love her. (Sure, I said that about Ed Boks a few years ago, but that was before I knew THE EVIL TRUTH.) Beth runs a nonprofit bully-breed rescue group out of San Diego, and has saved many a pit bull from the jaws of death. She was the one who rescued Gentle Ben from South L.A. not long ago (who has since gone through a training program and is now available for adoption), and takes big risks for dogs that can be extremely hard to adopt out.

Beth's group is located in Poway in North San Diego County, and was hit hard by the fires in that area. I don't think she personally lost any property, but 13 of her dogs lost their foster homes due to the evacuation, and she needs help!

If you can donate money towards these new boarding costs, or possibly foster a dog, contact It's the Pits and feel really good about yourself. I know I will.

Ben before his rescue from the South L.A. shelter

Ben today

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