Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today's Rescue - Lilo

Sweet, sweet Lilo! This beautiful girl is the chocolate lab that my mom and her fiance adopted last week after she and six of her puppies were dumped in a field by an unscrupulous backyard breeder. Lilo has come to live on the ranch with Charlie.

About a month ago one of Lilo's puppies was taken to a Ventura County vet by her owner for an examination (which included shaving the pup's paw to do some bloodwork or some such thing), and the dog was diagnosed with Parvo. A few days later, Lilo and her puppies were found by my mom's neighbor, abandoned, and were then (coincidentally) taken to the same vet, who recognized the puppy she had just examined. Four of the puppies died, and the breeder is now being charged with animal abandonment and abuse by local animal control.

But Lilo, who is probably around 5 years old and has obviously had several litters, is now safe and having fun with Charlie. We took them for a walk around the ranch on Sunday, and she did her best to keep up with him. Who knows if she ever got to run around in her previous life. She's such a good girl - sweet and cheerful and apparently very taken with her new companion. I think they're going to be good buddies.

Welcome to the family, Lilo!

pictures by Chris

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