Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Coin purse? Garage-door opener? Leather thumbprint cookie? No, my friends - poop-bag holder! Although my boyfriend would say it looks like a boob, I think this little number is pretty nice. No bulky plastic, no cartoon-y shape. Sweet.

However, I think I'll stick with my classic George holder, which velcros around the leash; has a pocket for cash/keys and lays flat so it doesn't smack me in the wrist when Arthur starts running around.

Keep those poop bags coming!

And if you're starved for more poop-related items, here's a link to a list of nifty gadgets - not terribly practical, but very, very funny.

Wis Design leather wastebag holder

George "leash luggage" available at retail locations in Santa Monica, San Francisco and Berkeley

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