Friday, June 27, 2008

The Real Deal

When I'm posting my pictures on this blog, sometimes I'll think to myself, That's a pretty nice photo, or, That Photoshop filter worked out well, and sit around feeling cocky. And then I'll come across pictures taken by, you know, REAL photographers, and the gig is up. My tail goes straight between my legs.

I came across a link via Mean Eyed Cat to a terrific site called Shine Pet Photography and the work of Grace Chon, which led me to several others that are also doing really great, really professional work. Very inspiring. I shouldn't have any of their photos posted here, but I figured that since I don't make a single penny off this blog, and my only intent is to point out how great these people are, they probably won't sue me. Hopefully.

So enjoy these while you can.

Jamie Pflughoeft
Cowbell Pet Photography, Seattle, WA

Mia Clapton
Thousand Hound Photography, San Diego, CA (also an aerospace engineer!)

Seth Casteel
Little Friends Fine Art Pet Photography, Los Angeles, CA
Seth is the man behind the new and improved photos of West and South L.A. dogs on the L.A. Animal Services website. Thank god! He has spent time teaching LAAS volunteers basic photo skills, and facilitated the donation of photo equipment for the shelters to use. Plus, he's a nice guy.

Shine Pet Photos blog
Cowbelly Pet Photography
Thousand Hound Photography
Little Friends Fine Art Pet Photography


Mia 'thousandhound' said...

I'm honored that you've included me in your list. Thanks. I can't speak for the others, but I personally have no problems with people using my images on their website as long as they link back to me and aren't selling my images for profit etc etc.

dogsitter said...

Thanks, Mia!

Grace said...

word. seconding mia's comments. thanks for blogging about us. your photos are AWESOME and your writing is even awesomer. thank you!

dogsitter said...

Wow! Thanks to you, too, Grace!

Seth Casteel said...

Thanks for the post, friend!

dogsitter said...

You the man, Seth.

Jamie 'Cowbelly' said...

Thanks so much for the link! Your writing is delightful and I'm already in love with Arthur so I will check back in from time to time to see what's new!

dogsitter said...

Thanks, Jamie!