Friday, June 27, 2008

Today's Rescue - West L.A. Shelter

I was dropping off some donation boxes at the West L.A. shelter yesterday and didn't intend to say hello to the dogs, but I should have known better. A five-minute trip turned into an hour, as it usually does. There were a lot of seniors, a litter of puppies, and the usual plethora of sweet, sad pit bull terriers. Like the guy above, Paolo, a little baby seal who licked my hands through the bars and looked like he just wanted to crawl into my lap. Why is he in there? Why are any of them in there?

The pictures I took represent a mere fraction of the imminently adoptable dogs available right now. For more insight and first-hand information, check out the very awesome Doggie Matchmaker, one of the best animal shelter blogs around.

And adopt a homeless dog today!

West L.A. shelter
11361 W. Pico Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90064


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For more information, go to


LOLA4Dogs said...

I love you! Thanks for the props!
Paolo in particular needs to be rescued, he's feeling pretty hopeless at this point. He is in our training class and is a fun loving little boy.
All the dogs listed are great dogs! Thanks so much xoxoxo! hugs to Arthur!

Anonymous said...
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