Tuesday, July 01, 2008

All It Needs Is a Bone-Shaped Cup Holder

As usual, I am way behind on my news, but get a load of this car! Honda unveiled their dog-friendly W.O.W. mobile at the Tokyo Auto Show in 2005, and it is wacky. Doggie glove compartment? Yes! Pop-up backseat crate? Don't mind if I do! You can also apparently remove the floor boards and hose them down after they've been dog-i-fied.

The W.O.W. stands for Wonderful Openhearted Wagon, and definitely appeals to a niche market, but I can see those trendy Japanese dog lovers really going for it. I personally can't think of anything worse than putting your dog in a glove compartment, but maybe the Japanese are better drivers than Americans, and the concept isn't just an accident waiting to happen. Actually, I have no idea if the car went into production or not.

I have to say, though - that is one happy-looking Corgi.

Honda W.O.W. concept car


samantha Lewis said...

Lewis & Bark NEEDS that car!!!

dogsitter said...

Yes, and the joke goes: How many dogs can you fit in a glove compartment?