Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Queen of Mean Loved Her Some Pooches

I just read in The New York Times that Leona Helmsley intended to distribute her entire trust, valued at $5 billion to $8 billion, towards the care and welfare of dogs. (This, apparently, aside from the $12 million she left to her own dog, a Maltese named Trouble.) Leona wrote a "mission statement" in 2003 establishing two goals for the distribution of her many dollars, the first being to help indigent people and the second to help dogs. However, after a year of thinking about it, she axed the first goal and left everything to the pooches.

The instructions weren't actually incorporated into the will, so who knows what will happen, but if the very idea isn't a big F-you to everyone she knew, I don't know what is.

Eight billion dollars buys a lot of biscuits.

Helmsley Left Dog Billions in Her Will

Splash News photo via the Daily Mail

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