Friday, August 15, 2008

Musical Interlude

This really dates me, but I used to listen to the Captain and Tennille as a kid, I don't really know why. She was all teeth, and he was, well, always dressed up like a sea captain - that was their thing. Muskrat love, indeed.

Anyway, this was one of their album covers, which demonstrated, I suppose, that they were dog lovers, or had a thing for bulldogs, or had a stylist who had a thing for bulldogs or I don't know what. Actually, the Captain doesn't look too keen on having a dog in his lap. Maybe it didn't jive with his sea-captain-with-a-keyboard image.

Ah, the seventies.


brewin' fool said...

dogsitter said...

Sweet! I love Flight of the Concords. Jermaine doesn't look happy about holding a bulldog any more than the Captain did.

Thanks for sending it!