Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Next It'll Be Grandma

On the BBC News website yesterday: "Scientists in South Korea say they have successfully completed the world's first commercial cloning of a pet dog." And what do you know? It was for a crazy American.

Bernann McKinney, the aforementioned crazy person, paid RNL Bio, a bio-tech firm based in Seoul, Korea, $50,000 to have her beloved dog, Booger, brought back to life, if you will. And that's with a 75% discount! (RNL Bio, incidentally, also claims to have the exclusive license to clone dogs worldwide.)

I don't call Ms. McKinney a crazy person because of the money she spent – she's an American after all! No, the crazy comes from the following exchange from an interview she did with BBC News:
BBC News Interviewer: Some people would say that these puppies are identical genetic copies of Booger, but they won't BE Booger.

Bernann McKinney: Of COURSE they will. Are we our parents? Do we have their genes? I'm just like my mom, even with her faults. So I'm sure dogs're the same way.
Right. Just like those kids in Boys From Brazil, destined to become little Hitlers.

You can watch the whole BBC interview here.

photo by Ahn Young-joon for Associated Press

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