Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pet Family Yearbook - Hugh

I recently found this puppy picture of my grandmother's dog, Hughie, who will live in infamy (in my mind, anyway) as the corgi who bit me on the face when I was a kid. The story goes that I was sitting on the back stoop of my grandparent's house in Hawaii eating an ice cream cone, and Hughie – who wasn't particularly fond of me in the first place, I think – nipped me on the cheek.

Of course, I ran inside crying. I was fine – more scared than anything else – but when I told my grandma what had happened, she looked at me and said very matter-of-factly, Well, you should have shared your ice cream with him. And that was the end of it. Even now when I bring up the story she says the same thing: If only you'd shared.

Life lesson learned.

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amanda said...

I love this!