Friday, May 01, 2009

From the Boards: South L.A. Shelter Favorites

Female German shepherd mix
3 years old
ID#: A1017456
Coreena is a sweet and gentle 3-year-old German shepherd mix who was dumped in the shelter by her owner on April 8th, and has consequently lost seven pounds. Apparently she was attacked by another dog and is very sad. Look at her pretty smile!

Male pit bull terrier
4 years old
ID#: A1022637
Freckles the 4-year-old pit bull just wants to hide or curl up next to people. He's very shy and also very sad, even though he is much loved by the South L.A. staff.

Female shepherd mix?
4 years old
ID#: A1021751
Four-year-old Roxy hates the shelter (she's lost 15 lbs) even though she loves other dogs. It looks to me like she has a couple fatty tumors on her neck, but the volunteer didn't mention it in her post so perhaps they're being taken care of? Sadly, I doubt it.

Can you stand it? Both Roxy and Freckles have been red-listed and have very limited time left before they are euthanized. Adopt a dog today!

South L.A. shelter
3612 11th Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90018

213.485.0117 or 0119

Google map

For more information, email volunteer Andrea at or go to L.A. Animal Services website at

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