Thursday, May 17, 2007

Paid In Full, One Biscuit At a Time

It was bring-your-dog-to-work day yesterday, or more accurately, Can-Arthur-Be-a-Shop-Dog day. Since I work in a pet store (that doesn't sell puppies, thank you very much), employee dogs are encouraged, but I've always thought Arthur's more spazzy qualities would rule him out as a suitable candidate. I was partly right and partly wrong.

This is what I discovered:

Arthur loves most people. Just not our machismo, two-buttons-away-from-full-chest-exposure UPS man.

Arthur loves small dogs. This I already knew. Yorkies, mini-schnauzers, chihuahuas, maltese - if they can run between his legs, he likes them, especially if they're not yappy.

Arthur cannot control himself around big dogs. This I also already knew. Dogs bigger than he is - golden retrievers, labs, shepherds - make him crazy, and he wants to jump all over them. He's such a size queen.

Huge drifts of white fur really show up on a painted, red floor. Well, duh.

Arthur does not get along with unneutered dogs. And this was the kicker. We get a lot of male purebreds in the store, many of whom are still hauling their cojones around like sacks of gold, and Arthur will have none of it. He turns into Cujo, although calms down pretty quickly when I drag him away. Still, it isn't too nice.

So although Arthur behaved quite nicely overall, he won't be working retail anytime soon. Too bad, too, because he loved my co-worker Samantha.

Better luck next time.

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