Monday, June 25, 2007

Today's Rescue Update - Nero

I went to the West L.A. shelter yesterday to ask about Nero the shepherd (see original post, below), and thanks to a very nice volunteer, was able to gain access to the ISO cages and actually see him. And hello, handsome! What a beauty. Nero had originally been separated from the main aisles because he didn't care too much for other dogs and could be a little, um, barky, but he has really come a long way.

The volunteer, a man named Giovanni, has been working in conjunction with trainer Glen Morton to get Nero socialized and behaving, and their efforts have really started to pay off: Nero now walks pretty well on leash, does not lunge at other dogs, and doesn't seem to be bothered by children who happen to be around. He's still a big boy at over 80 lbs., and wants to be alpha, but is learning to control his impulses and be a good dog. Hooray for Nero!

Shepherd mix
ID#: A826734
West L.A. shelter

Giovanni has graciously offered his email address to interested parties with questions. Contact him at

original post

top photo: North Central, 2/07
bottom photo: North Central, 1/07

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