Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Keeping the Fur in the Family

I can't imagine wearing a woolly sweater right now, let alone having a dog that sheds more than Arthur, but clearly for some people, the answers to those statements are I can, and I do. In photographer Erwan Fichou's series Dogwool, pet owners are photographed wearing sweaters made from the fur/hair of their animal companions, with the actual dog posing along side them for verification. Matchy-matchy, my mother would say.

These particular sweaters are much more tasteful than, say, a dog-hair handbag. It's funny how much more pleasing all that hair is in the shape of a simple garment instead of in giant clumps drifting and gathering in the corners of your living room.

You can see the whole series of Erwan Fichou's photographs here and more dog-hair-sweater knitting info here.


Anastasia said...

Hallo! We are from Russia! We like dogs very much. We have been making clothes from the hair of the dog for 10 years. Welcome to see our beatiful items at

Kindest Wishes, Anastasia and Nina

dogsitter said...

Hello in Russia, Anastasia and thanks for the info. I really like your dog fur legwarmers!