Friday, April 10, 2009

It Must Be All Those Donuts

For the past week or two, Arthur has had, inexplicably, a bit of a chubby butt. You can't really tell from this picture, but his normally bony bum has developed a definite roundness and his midsection has become slightly sausage-like, which really stand out next to his skinny legs and pointy head.

The thing is, we can't figure out why he's chubby. It's not like he's getting macaroni and cheese casseroles for dinner. He's eating the same two meals a day, the same amount of snacks, and so far we haven't found any random avocado pits in the backyard, suspiciously licked clean. Plus, it seems to me that he's hungrier than usual. CAN'T WAIT for dinner. It's a mystery. (And it's not bloat.)

I did notice a lot of figs ripening on the tree outside, but I think they're still too green for chewing. Hmmm. I'll be on the lookout for strange behavior.


Anonymous said...

That heart looks pretty big on his but.

dogsitter said...

Yes! It is FULL OF LOVE.